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How can I (or anybody) help people begging for money on streets?

I am a college student and want a idea that i can spread among educated people about how they can help people(beggars) and improve their life. We(my team) are thinking of organising a social event with a aim of helping street beggars by making them aware and planning out a solution to tell people how they can contribute.Its going to happen in India.


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    Sep 16 2013: Here's the way my Honey and I decided to approach the problem. If someone begs for food, we buy them food. If a kid says their mom needs money for food, we buy the food.

    If someone one the street asks for money-we decided our quest was to be generous or not. We decide to be generous--what the person does with our generosity is on them.

    Other than that, I carry blankets and jackets given to me in the trunk of my car--and hand them out where I see need. I also work with a local recycle center to take their clothes and shoes and these I give to an organization who helps the homeless.

    My mother was homeless back in the day and I hope if she was cold somebody helped her. Even if she drank it away, I'm glad they helped her because then she still knew folks were generous.
    • Sep 16 2013: Do you really think giving what they want is a solution. In my opinion this can be short term solution but what we are looking for is something that can help them getting their food by themselves.
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        Sep 16 2013: I agree what I described is a short-term solution. Other than that, I write my senators and congress person about the homeless in my community. In other countries, like Mexico, I urge our government to do all we can to make the Mexican government less corrupt. Also in other countries, I look for organizations to help with the problem there...organizations like 'Clean Water' who teach how to build wells. I do what I can then I let it go.
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          Sep 16 2013: I wish there would be more people like you. You really inspired me.

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