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How can I (or anybody) help people begging for money on streets?

I am a college student and want a idea that i can spread among educated people about how they can help people(beggars) and improve their life. We(my team) are thinking of organising a social event with a aim of helping street beggars by making them aware and planning out a solution to tell people how they can contribute.Its going to happen in India.


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    Sep 15 2013: I've been to India myself. I understand the sight that you saw in your eyes. It is just simply too many of them to save. But, something have to be done to stop this. Great question you have there. Personally, i think the suitable way to approach is to engage with the local community there at first, understand and find out the reasons why someone (street kids, women, elders etc) would beg for money. The caste system in India and the social built in India is very much different around the world. After the engagement, look for some local authority or organization that can provide you sufficient materials (funds, food or logistics) to make your movement more sustainable and beneficial to the targeted people. My main point of view is the power of education can change their lives provided they are willing to accept the change that you wish to apply at first.

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