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How can I (or anybody) help people begging for money on streets?

I am a college student and want a idea that i can spread among educated people about how they can help people(beggars) and improve their life. We(my team) are thinking of organising a social event with a aim of helping street beggars by making them aware and planning out a solution to tell people how they can contribute.Its going to happen in India.


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  • Sep 15 2013: in my opinion. the best response would be to push your parliamentarians to fully legalise the drug trade in your country, bring the whole outfit under the wing of the medical and tax services. I am deadly serious, as a young teenager i found myself hundreds of miles away from family and living on the streets of London and for years experienced the depravity that this life entailed. Most of the problems leading to crime and homelessness were drug related.

    Once the narco trade has been brought under government control users should be treated medically and prescribed. It is not hard to understand that this would remove the need for a huge proportion of crime and poverty related issues..ie homelessness and deprivation.

    I know this would not be a fix all solution... there never is one.. but i do know that it would transform poverty as we know it.

    We got to think big as well as act small.

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