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How can I (or anybody) help people begging for money on streets?

I am a college student and want a idea that i can spread among educated people about how they can help people(beggars) and improve their life. We(my team) are thinking of organising a social event with a aim of helping street beggars by making them aware and planning out a solution to tell people how they can contribute.Its going to happen in India.


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    Sep 9 2013: Do you think that perhaps people beg for money for different reasons?

    How can this be a "one size fits all" solution?
    • Sep 9 2013: yes.
      some beg just for their livelihood but some ask money saying they need food but use it for smoking or drinking kind of activities too.
      giving money is not at all a solution in my opinion but doing nothing will not help either.
      seeking for a long term, practical, could be executed at every individual level solution.
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        Sep 11 2013: Thank you for your reply.

        I was going to add more information, but Fritzie up top mentions what was on my mind about the homeless populations in our country.

        We pretty much have the same scenario here in the state where I live.

        Good conversation Sonika.
        I will continue to follow the contributions.

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