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Do you think the economic system we have in the world contributes to human freedom?

When we live in a world like this with poverty, hunger and diseases.
How can we say that we strive for all people to live good when everything that is done to reduce poverty is to bring a small fraction of people into our countries.
What happens to other people? Those who remain in their poor countries? the people who die because they can't afford food, or because they can't afford their AIDS medicine because they do not get any money because they live in poverty.

To be rich is to contribute to poverty. If one person is going to have one million dollars in the bank, you need X number of people have 1 million dollars in loans for the bank to pay out returns to the rich person with one million dollars in the bank.
Is this how we want to live? The rich stealing from the poor...

How can this system contribute to anything but poverty? How can we say that we try to help reduce poverty, when you can't even invest money in building up and help out where the people live. Without taking them away from their homes and say that everything is going to be better. But still when they get to the new country all they face is violence and jobs that doesn't pay well (if they even get a job).
But if you would help build up and improve their country instead of just "help" a small fraction of people. That would help everyone in the country instead of spending money on creating jobs in other countries that they might not even want to go to but they are forced because they can't get out of poverty in a poor country. When the jobs might as well be where they lived from the beginning (if we were to help them by investing in new jobs and invested in their country instead).

Is it just me who has thought about this? And what views do you have on the subject? Is there some perspective I haven't noticed? I gladly accept criticism if you have any to give. I'm happy for both positive and negative responses.

Thank you for your time!

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    Apr 16 2011: I enjoy this question, will get back to this thread!
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    Apr 16 2011: In good times the economic system frees more people from poverty than in tough times, like now. To be freed from poverty you have to have enough sustenance, shelter and governance to help you and your family be protected, educated and healthy. in addition to be completely freed the family needs an income that is greater than their expenses. For many in the world this is not the case, and, as you said, the rich are holding on to their wealth. So, quite simply, the economic systems generally have failed. If you look at the current situation times are tough. People, generally, are looking for economies and welfare systems come under attack just at the point where they are most needed. Human nature designed the economic systems and human nature is basically self-centered. So before you change the economic system you need to address human nature.

    From my own experience I can say I was a child born into poverty. What was interesting as I look back at those times was the fact that I did not know we were poor. We had no TV, there was no media showing you how others lived and we lived in a community of poor people. I simply thought that most people lived like this. As I got older I realized that I was poor and worked hard to climb out of poverty. Many of my friends did not and they still live in the old neighborhood they think I am lucky and that chances for them have slipped by. I see such a waste of human capability, they are smart people, they just do not value themselves.

    So, as we focus on changing human nature to be more caring we need to spend as much effort on building self-esteem for the poor.
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      Apr 18 2011: yeah, but even if every person that lives in poverty would do their best on getting jobs there wouldn't be jobs for them so it really doesn't matter cause for some to be rich there has to be poor people. That's how the system works.

      You say you climbed up and I do think you did just that. But everyone can't climb. Everyone doesn't even have the strength to climb because of the poverty. we cant feed all people if we stick with our current economic system.

      Yes we should build up their self-esteem but not to send them in to this corrupt system. Give them what they need. Give them some seeds and a place to plant them and they will eventually not need more of our seeds because they will be able to collect their own if you get were im going.

      If we all would help to build up our community to equally divide the food and shelter etc. between people we would all be able to live.
    • Jul 2 2011: Mr. Bishop, I do not intend to be antagonistic. I've not understood expressions such as "worked hard" and "climbed out of poverty". I'd like to hear more. Did you have help? Did your parents make sacrifices? Did your climb from poverty lift your family out also? (I'm hoping for a formula).
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    • Jul 2 2011: Nice job! This video succinctly addresses Mr. Andersson's concerns.
  • Apr 13 2011: Take a look through the various conversations here. There have been almost a dozen that touch on this topic either directly or indirectly. Not surprisingly, there is much disagreement about almost every aspect of the subject!