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The Hyperloop concept could be developed "open source" by the engineering community.

Engineers love problems, we all solve them everyday in our lives and in our work. For many, after a few years at the bench-level in engineering, life eventually starts to look more like a Dilbert cartoon than like "Real Genius". Millions of people are sharing their ideas, pictures, thoughts, memes and jokes via social media every day.

What if all the engineers were able to just as easily share their work, their ideas, their particular talents and specialties to move a critical project like Hyperloop into reality?

LocalMotors did it with Rally Fighter...why not use their system to do it for Hyperloop? Pitch in at https://forge.localmotors.com/pages/project.php?cg=12297&tab=project-home


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  • Sep 10 2013: Has anyone figured out where hyperloop will be located? All of the countries that could afford to build hyperloop are already crowded with roads and train lines, and every major construction project runs into environmental problems. The engineering will be a small part of this project compared to the politics.
    • Sep 11 2013: Mr. Musk's proposal is based around a system connecting LA and San Francisco, California. This route is currently being developed for high speed rail and that project is estimated to be over $68.4 Billion. Mr. Musk was motivated to make his proposal for Hyperloop by the extreme cost and less than impressive performance estimates for that system.

      That being said, where hyperloop is ACTUALLY located is up to all of us, really Anywhere that there is a significant population of people who are, or would be travelling over a distance that is 200-500km with level terrain in-between them is a potential candidate for the system. The rough business case Mr. Musk presents relies on a very significant number of travelers per year, but is based on US construction costs and constraints.

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