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Where can I find an informative source on collecting educational data to measure the effectiveness/impact of SOLE on student IEP goals?

I am starting SOLE adventures (once a week - 55 minutes each) with my students 3rd - 5th grade. These students all have IEP's for support in academics, social/emotional and/or behavior.

I write in the hopes that someone can guide me toward quality data collection processes as I strive to measure the effectiveness of SOLE on students' achievement of their IEP goals (academic,social,emotional,behavior). My administrator and I believe that SOLE is not only the future of education, but will improve student abilities to learn from the traditional curriculum that we must use 4 days of the week. Yet, if SOLE is to move beyond my classroom in this district/community, I must learn to monitor, measure, and accurately interpret data these next two academic years.



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