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Where can I find an informative source on collecting educational data to measure the effectiveness/impact of SOLE on student IEP goals?

I am starting SOLE adventures (once a week - 55 minutes each) with my students 3rd - 5th grade. These students all have IEP's for support in academics, social/emotional and/or behavior.

I write in the hopes that someone can guide me toward quality data collection processes as I strive to measure the effectiveness of SOLE on students' achievement of their IEP goals (academic,social,emotional,behavior). My administrator and I believe that SOLE is not only the future of education, but will improve student abilities to learn from the traditional curriculum that we must use 4 days of the week. Yet, if SOLE is to move beyond my classroom in this district/community, I must learn to monitor, measure, and accurately interpret data these next two academic years.


  • Sep 11 2013: Thanks, Fritzie Reisner.
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    Sep 10 2013: In my opinion, self learning has nothing to do with a curriculum. In fact, the two really are mutually exclusive.

    I think that there is a huge divide between what somebody must learn and what they want to learn. In some fortunate circumstances, these two things overlap.

    SOLE also does not seem to take into account the hierarchy that is built into education (see Sneetches by Dr Suess for a simplified explanation of this).

    As an ex-teacher, I applaud anyone still in the game and still trying to make a difference. In my experience, it is much more easily done outside the confines of education systems.

    Data collection is very popular but (again, my opinion) does not lead to anything valuable or applicable to each and every individual learner/student.

    "Experience seems to most of us to lead to conclusions, but empiricism has sworn never to draw them." - George Santayana. This is extremely apt in an age that is rapidly expanding the worship of data collection.
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    Sep 10 2013: Here were the responses the last time this question was asked here: