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What have been the major influences on the depiction of androids in science fiction over past 150 years?

The representation of cyborgs, bionic characters, humanoid robots and androids in science fiction has developed from 'spare part surgery' human-machine hybrids (The Ablest Man in the World, Edward Page Mitchell - 1879) to sophisticated replications of the human, with advanced intellect and even emotional capabilities (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Philip K Dick - 1968) (Super-toy trilogy, Brian Aldiss). What has been the biggest scientific influence on this - advancements in biotechnology technologies, computing or has science fiction been the thing to influence science fact?

  • Sep 10 2013: Missed I, Robot and R. Daneel Olivaw series from Asimov. The fear that a lot of the work will be done by robots. There will be more interactions between robots (hardware and software) and humans. At the low end, humans loading things which allows the robots to use and move - at the other end humans getting the things/products

    I have noticed the modern robots/androids relationship between them and humans are more animosity.
  • Sep 10 2013: I would say the single most important influence on androids and robotics in general is Isaac Asimov. His "positronic brain" hasn't been invented yet, but he essentially kicked off the robot science-fiction fascination by himself: he was the first writer to write about the morality issues of a human-form robot, rather than focusing on them taking over the world. Nearly all of his fictional writings have something in them related to robots, and I believe Data was modeled after his stories, although I don't know for sure.
  • Sep 9 2013: Data from Star Trek, and I, Robot by Isaac Asimov are the two most important works to the depiction of androids IMHO. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, Alien, and Metropolis are probably also fairly important, haven't read/watched them yet. :/ For cyborgs there is also the borg, robocop, and cybermen.
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    Sep 9 2013: In case this is a project for school, while Wikipedia itself isn't usually an accepted source, the bibliographic references at the bottom of an article can be very valuable places to launch your research.
  • Sep 9 2013: The biggest influence on these depictions has not been scientific.

    The biggest influence is human emotion, particularly fear.

    That is ironic when you consider that the first androids will be completely void of emotion.
    • Sep 9 2013: think the void of emotions is what created the fear.