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What makes a great TED/TEDx) talk? What advice would you give 2 a TED/TEDx speaker? What talks might a speaker watch 2 learn? Specifics, pls

Now that there are so many TEDx's popping up all over the world, what can the community teach those speaking at these events, through very specific advice and examples, that will ensure high quality resonant with the TED brand? If you were coaching TED/TEDx speakers, what would you tell them? As you read their script, looked at their slide deck, what would you be looking for and what would your editorial principles be? Which TED talks would you insist they watch to learn from? The more specific you are, the better. Thank you.


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    Feb 16 2011: Creating the sense of connection with the people in attendance is huge! Also, encourage your presenters to step a little bit outside their comfort zone. Like Jill Bolte Taylor mentioned in the behind the scenes video, she decided to go out on a limb and really reach for something profound. Its no wonder her talk is one of the most memorable ones out there.

    Brene Brown from TEDxHouston did a great job at putting her true self on stage, and openly sharing her experiences. Its interesting how the talk discusses how being comfortable with vulnerability can lead to acceptance and what she defines as "whole heartedness". Its worth noting how her talk could be referring to itself.

    The insight the presenter can provide into their experiences really goes a long way in making us feel like it could have been us going through what they went through.

    Then a few laughs and sighs should be sprinkled throughout.

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