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What changes in digital technology do you think would help during end of life?

Death is an inevitable part of the human experience. Unfortunately, when it comes to technology, topics dealing with death/end of life seem to be under-researched or avoided all together.

I am starting thesis work for a Masters in Human Computer Interaction (Usability/User Experience) and I am interested in the topic of end of life where it intersects with technology. Given that this area is very under researched and thus research opportunities are plentiful, I am looking to connect with people who deal with end of life on a regular basis to help me understand:

How could technology be change help improve the quality of life or ease any psychological stress in people who are at the end of life?

What hurdles does technology create during this period or during grieving?

How could technology help the loved ones during the last hours/days/minutes of the life of a relative/friend?

Thank you! :)


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  • Sep 9 2013: Hi all,
    Thanks for the great responses. : ) I know this is a bit of a grim topic but it's one that will have to be addressed in computing sooner or later.

    I guess that what I am looking for has to how computing could evolve in the near term to help medical and nursing staff to navigate the final stages of terminally ill patients , the family and friends to understand what is to come and how to cope, mental health professionals and religious leaders to provide better support for the bereaved.

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