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How do kids "know" without having read or experienced?

I remember that i was thinking about Superman when i was a kid, but i dont remember reading comics or watching movies about it.
I saw a kid jumpin in a supermanpose when he knew he was gonna watch Man of Steel, but I know he havnt read or watched previous movies, so how does he know about the concept?
Is it because the person that created the concept is a human and the story is based on something that comes from the human mind?

  • Sep 11 2013: we operate mostly on a subconscious level. Ads are everywhere, images can convey information that doesn't have to be written. Overhearing conversations can add to the information.
    I used to join contests about general information questions that are not school topics. I don't review or study for these contests and yet I win most of the time. As a kid, I just learn from looking at magazines at face value /images/subtitles. I open encyclopedias without reading the entry... just look at the pictures over and over and over. Somehow Information sticks.. . Im sure the superman posing kid learned it from somewhere.
  • Sep 9 2013: I guess that makes sense.
  • Sep 9 2013: No. It's because he and you simply don't remember someone talking about it or having seen it in some other fashion. Ever hear of "commercials"?