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If someone respects criminal's ability, is this ok?

For example, there is someone who respect Paul Joseph Goebbels's ability to incite the public. He knows that Goebbels is wrong, but thinks Goebbels's outstanding ability to brainwash deserves to be respected. How do you think about this, and why?


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    Sep 20 2013: Haha! I see that I slipped in my own definitions. Or rather that 'admire' can also be used in two ways.

    I can see no ethical objection to the rational observation and recognition of criminal skill. Indeed, I think this is necessary to combat it. This takes us into a third part of the semantic area covered by the word 'respect' - that of acknowledgement of a threat in order to deal with it. As in that it is wise for a sailor to 'respect' the sea and the wind.

    The only form of respect for criminal skill that is ethically objectionable is the type that would encourage it.

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