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If someone respects criminal's ability, is this ok?

For example, there is someone who respect Paul Joseph Goebbels's ability to incite the public. He knows that Goebbels is wrong, but thinks Goebbels's outstanding ability to brainwash deserves to be respected. How do you think about this, and why?


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  • Sep 13 2013: First, ask who is a criminal. Many have committed minor offences and got away with it (including me I stole an pencil and paper from work - am I a criminal?). Many offences committed by the rich and powerful are never brought to court, so convictions don't follow but are they criminals? 'Criminal' is not a helpful description of any person but could be used of a habitual offender who appears to be incorrigible, but without question it will not be the only description that will fit a person and his behaviour. People who have committed crimes can be as kind, educated, skilled or talented as anyone else and if these characteristics are used positively should be acknowledged and 'respected' as such. Goebbels chose to use his talents for bad ends but the same talents have been used by many through the ages to persuade by rational discussion and argument.

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