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If someone respects criminal's ability, is this ok?

For example, there is someone who respect Paul Joseph Goebbels's ability to incite the public. He knows that Goebbels is wrong, but thinks Goebbels's outstanding ability to brainwash deserves to be respected. How do you think about this, and why?


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  • Sep 11 2013: Many people respect george bush, Duh Rumsfeld, Penile Cheney and their co-conspirators.
    and they respected those friends of P. J. Goebbel's enough to copy and use what they learned.
    that is one reason Doc Mengele was helped to escape. He was the only (sic) scientist who
    wrote down what he did and they wanted to learn from that. and they did, big time.
    "It's not torture if there is a doctor present and you don't intend on hurting the person, and
    we don't intend on hurting them with our water-boarding. By the way Fred, are you a doctor?
    No, but I did sleep in a Holiday Inn last night. Well, that qualifies then. Good enough."
    People desire power and money, so they are influenced to achieve that by whatever means because those
    who have done so, used any means and continue to use any means to keep what they have and to
    build on it.
    Do you think for one moment that what the nazi's learned about brainwashing has not been used elsewhere since?
    Who has the means whereby to do that? Your average citizen?
    Billions of dollars are involved in sports betting. Do you think for one minute that those who stand to benefit enormously from these potential sums of $$$$ would risk their fortunes on chance like everyone else?
    No. They ensure that their money will win, which does mean that professional sports are all rigged.
    There is just too much money at stake.
    Once the Hunt brothers sat down at the global poker table with the new Saudi wealth, they stood to lose it all because the oil sheiks could lose and lose and eventually win because they had so much more money to play with. If you have it, you rig it or else, like the fool they would see you for, you will lose it.
    It's not criminality per se. It's smart, sensible and survival.
    To get rid of it (virtually all crime world-wide), get rid of the monetary system. Create a just system.
    The corrupt system/s we have can never be made just. We have to begin with just.

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