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If someone respects criminal's ability, is this ok?

For example, there is someone who respect Paul Joseph Goebbels's ability to incite the public. He knows that Goebbels is wrong, but thinks Goebbels's outstanding ability to brainwash deserves to be respected. How do you think about this, and why?


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    Sep 11 2013: Hi Jong Ho Song,

    This is a great question! I will contribute with what I have found - hope this helps.

    Crime is defined by law. If there is no law there is no crime.

    SO your question is about law. And I will describe my ideas about law.

    In most communities, law is established. The wise recognise that things change, and a law that was good yesterday is bad today.

    This is not a simple thing - because things change at different rates - and if your law expects all things to be the same forever, it will fail.

    As change happens, the old laws become a thing to exploit for personal advantage. For instance, the current laws allow a tactic of legal-bleeding that permits the person with more money to exhaust the legal ability of an opponent regardless of justice - and law goes to the richest.

    I would say - just to begin - that law is a stupid way to define crime. Skill is skill - if it works now, it might work tomorrow, but maybe not.

    For instance. Right now, the best way to gain advantage is to defeat an advantaged person - you can do that with a gun or a knife. The risk is being detected by the police - the kill-dogs of law. But the kill dogs learn their power, and then they make laws on-the-spot to get whatever they want regardless of any written law. This is the only way that a legislative body can pay so little for their dogs. Policemen are always paid low pay because it is known that they will exploit their power. In that way .. the dogs are no more than wolves.

    Can you blame a wolf for being a wolf?

    We humans destroy the ecology - we remove the functions of that ecology by stealing the roles into our own species. Hence, wolves are replaced by muggers and thieves.

    If you were the planet .. ask yourself - what's best? A wolf .. or a human that does a wolfe's task?

    So far .. I think that humans make a poor copy of what the Earth made over millions of years.

    The criminal's ability is a matter of necessity. Is it OK?
    No it is not. We are not good at it.

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