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If someone respects criminal's ability, is this ok?

For example, there is someone who respect Paul Joseph Goebbels's ability to incite the public. He knows that Goebbels is wrong, but thinks Goebbels's outstanding ability to brainwash deserves to be respected. How do you think about this, and why?


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    Sep 10 2013: Hello Jong Ho Song, and welcome to TED conversations!

    Yes, I think it is beneficial to respect a person's skills and talents, and in doing so, we may be contributing to changing some criminal behaviors. Many of the incarcerated men I interacted with while volunteering with the dept. of corrections had various skills and talents that often can be used in a way that is beneficial to themselves and to society. If we can encourage them to use their abilities in a beneficial, legal way, they may have a chance to support themselves with something other than crime when they are free.

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