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Innovative ways of teaching?


I came across this video and have tried to research Mr Sudhir Karandikar and couldn't find anything about his teaching style. I'm currently a first year AP Calculus teacher in an urban district. Just looking for some good models and resources for teaching this demanding subject.


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  • Sep 12 2013: Just because you are "innovative" does not mean you are successful. You can innovate but can you replicate? There are very "innovative" teachers out there who I would flat challenge to replicate their results. Some of them are set aside as examples of great teachers, yet they may not be that great, only successful for a time.

    There is something to be said for solid teaching. Not innovative, but high quality, structured, good teaching to students based on the needs of the kids sitting in front of you.

    The problem with "innovative" is that it can fail if the group in front of you needs something else. I have personally taught, as has any quality teacher, lessons that worked with one group of students successfully and failed miserably with another group of students.

    Do not assume that what worked for one "great teacher" will work for others. Evaluate what they did, look for great examples, then own them and make them the best that you can teach for your students. It sounds like you are off to a great start.

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