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portable green power source not involving wind or solar

Imagine if you will a series of rare earth magnets facing polarity north outward arranged in a concentric circle. [to form a rotor] then in the armature a series of coils inter acting with the north fields from the rotor. Obviously these coils would produce a pulsating dc equal and opposite to the north poles apply this charge through a capacitor/condensor, in effect twisting the reactions to a north charge. This accumulated charge could be released to electric magnets also strategically placed with in the armature. Using a series of magnetic pickup coils timing could be instilled accounting for phase shift to increase speed and torque. at some point harmonic resonate frequency and friction would allow rpms. to accumulate to around 10,000 rpm. employing a fluid coupling/transmission to the motor shaft would account for load variations.This motor could revolutionize power consumption needing only a pony motor or series of disconnectable batteries to initiate motion. the load could be whatever one could imagine, a generator set, automobile, compressor,etc.


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  • Sep 6 2013: have you built such a device or do you know of anyone who has? there are existing forms of green energy which could be cheaply and easily implemented already existing, but if this is a reality rather than an idea then that is very good. i wish you luck with it.
    • Sep 13 2013: Hi. the actual applications of this tech depend on the quantities readily available of these naturally magnetic elements and their relative life so I thought we could or should start there. according to wikipedia about 16% of the earths crust consist of these elements. far more than fossil fuels. The relative strengths of the magnetic fields vary according to purity. Once refined to say an industry standard of nd42 two magnets about the size of hockey pucks have a very forceful attraction. One article I read stated that they if spaced 6 inches on either side of your hand if allowed to come together would exert a force of breaking the bones in your hand. This obviously indicates force or calories at a exciting level. These elements have predictable ways they behave and magnetism is a tool. these elements have low melting points but if kept below 475 degrees f. they will hold their polarity. Of course they are very reactive and will bond to even moisture in the air. The current manufacturing of them simply seals them in iron composite tins similar to an old salve tin our grandmothers used to use. sealing them prevents this element from reacting with the environments around them.
      Then they are simply heated to a critical state and allowed to cool under charge on a dc table and these magnets can maintain and hold a polarity. If polarity is lost then simply reheat and cool under charge. The lifetime of these magnets if prevented from excessive tempatures are about 350 years.[again according to wikipedia] If used to do work like I have suggested in repulsion mode the life time is shorter before randomization of the poles occurs but the numbers are not clear on that but it is predictable that 10 to 15 years might be nominal before re-polarization must occur. Variables such as use etc. are not fully accounted for [yet]
      We are capable of more than to present ourselves as a society limited to using the wheel fulcrum and lever.Magnetism is a tool also.

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