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portable green power source not involving wind or solar

Imagine if you will a series of rare earth magnets facing polarity north outward arranged in a concentric circle. [to form a rotor] then in the armature a series of coils inter acting with the north fields from the rotor. Obviously these coils would produce a pulsating dc equal and opposite to the north poles apply this charge through a capacitor/condensor, in effect twisting the reactions to a north charge. This accumulated charge could be released to electric magnets also strategically placed with in the armature. Using a series of magnetic pickup coils timing could be instilled accounting for phase shift to increase speed and torque. at some point harmonic resonate frequency and friction would allow rpms. to accumulate to around 10,000 rpm. employing a fluid coupling/transmission to the motor shaft would account for load variations.This motor could revolutionize power consumption needing only a pony motor or series of disconnectable batteries to initiate motion. the load could be whatever one could imagine, a generator set, automobile, compressor,etc.


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  • Sep 9 2013: This technology is not new in fact it is from the dawn of commercial/ industrial uses for electricity. Over the years I have helped to rebuild certain power houses at older factories and even demolished a few. The early grid in this country was unreliable and often these facilities would generate their own power. Those with machine shops would continue to rebuild their equipment and certain tin mills still even had dc cranes and presses in operation. The control boards where often made of slate manufactured by the edison manufacturing company. bulky rheostats with drum contactors would help to regulate the fields with in the rotors and others would control the stator excitation currents. in such a way pulsating dc was created. counter electromotive forces and loads from induction and plain work could all be accounted for and adjusted on the spot. The newer materials induction coils and electronic controls are not that far of a stretch. To imagine a rotor with fixed constant poles free of 90% to 98% of induced counter forces is a dream that can be reallized today, also from the solid state amplifiers of the 50s and 60s to today's smarter smaller techs well the rest is easy. Yes I have seen them built and torn down. ran them and watched them run. Are they still laughing about the tesla auto? This tech is a serious player in our future.
    In 2010 the US government agreed in 3 days to both control the rare earth elements the same as silver or gold. That same year Boeing developed a high altitude aircraft that is mapping all mine-able quantities of the REEs around the globe. The navy has developed a rail gun that will launch a large projectile over 1800 miles with accuracy using these same techs. A green alternative in that these elements posses extreme magnetism and are renewable.

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