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portable green power source not involving wind or solar

Imagine if you will a series of rare earth magnets facing polarity north outward arranged in a concentric circle. [to form a rotor] then in the armature a series of coils inter acting with the north fields from the rotor. Obviously these coils would produce a pulsating dc equal and opposite to the north poles apply this charge through a capacitor/condensor, in effect twisting the reactions to a north charge. This accumulated charge could be released to electric magnets also strategically placed with in the armature. Using a series of magnetic pickup coils timing could be instilled accounting for phase shift to increase speed and torque. at some point harmonic resonate frequency and friction would allow rpms. to accumulate to around 10,000 rpm. employing a fluid coupling/transmission to the motor shaft would account for load variations.This motor could revolutionize power consumption needing only a pony motor or series of disconnectable batteries to initiate motion. the load could be whatever one could imagine, a generator set, automobile, compressor,etc.


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  • Sep 9 2013: yes it sounds pretty far out there however the focused south poles toward the interior of the motor can be focused at certain points to iron collars attached to the stainless steel drive shaft. the cradle directly beneath the iron collars could also be charged negative. the repelling charges could in essence lighten the load. Anti gravity was the best synopsis. catchy words to stimulate thought. Just think VAWT utube can help from there.

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