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When and how have you figured out that you are vulnerable?

Have you ever realized that you are vulnerable? Are you ok with facing this reality?


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    Sep 6 2013: This is such a nice topic to discuss Gulcin.

    I think that living life in and of itself puts us in a vulnerable position.

    It takes time to come to this realization.

    Once you understand that vulnerability is part of living, then you are better able to accept this reality.

    Are you thinking of vulnerability in general?
    Or would you like to discuss vulnerability in specific arenas?
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      Sep 11 2013: Hi Mary M.,

      Thanks for ur nice reply. I definately agree with u that living life,itself puts us in a vulnerable position but this is ok cause what makes us vulnerable makes us beautiful,human (quotation from Brene Brown's talk about vulnerablity, I advice u to watch that).

      I'm thinking about why and how we are vulnerable in general as well as vulnerability in specific life situations. I really would like to hear some pieces of ur story about this if u would like to share.
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        Sep 12 2013: Hi Gulcin, thank you for your reply.
        I have watched Brene Brown's talk.......it is very wonderful indeed!

        I think that one of the areas where I feel very vulnerable, is online.
        Each time I think that I am able to communicate with strangers who live around the world I think "Wow"!!

        It is very scary, and very exciting all at the same time.

        What has helped me, is the fact that I feel we are all very much the same. We respond to kindness, and respect. This has allowed me to overcome the vulnerability that I felt at the beginning of my online community participation.

        What about you Gulcin?
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          Sep 12 2013: Hi Mary, I also watched Brene Brown's talk and was so moved that someone finally said what so many felt but couldn't put into words. I downloaded her book "The Gifts of Imperfection" on my kindle and was glued to it from beginning to end. Like you, I felt vulnerable in talking about myself, my fears, my struggles online because I thought that people might see me as weak. On the contrary, I found lovely people who understood and cheered me on to overcome the hurdles in my life. So, sometimes we need to allow ourselves to be vulnerable in order to get the information, advice and kindness that we need to move forward.

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