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When and how have you figured out that you are vulnerable?

Have you ever realized that you are vulnerable? Are you ok with facing this reality?


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    Sep 9 2013: can you flesh this out, Gulcin, what do you mean by realizing we are vulnerable, I think almost everybody realizes that if struck by a train they would die, you must mean something different, what do you mean?

    Why does the topic matter to you, why are you asking the question?
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      Sep 9 2013: Greg, I have two hypotheses to put forward about the intention of this question. I do hope Gulcim will return to help us.

      One, do you think perhaps this question is more about promoting a practice of sharing openly (including with strangers) ones most urgent fears or feelings of vulnerability? Many people have long believed this practice has value all around, while others prefer to be more private.

      Alternatively, do you think the idea is that people tend to suppress their fears and pains as part of trying to overcome them or move through life despite them and that the question encourages keeping in touch with pains and fears rather than suppressing them? As a mundane example, having a couple of months ago broken my foot, I now ignore it as I pursue my normal activities. But every now and then someone asks me if my foot still hurts. Yes, sometimes, but I am not thinking about it unless someone asks me. I don't think focusing on it or discussing it improves my quality of life or anyone else's.
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        Sep 11 2013: Hi Fritzie,

        Thanks for both ur comments and yes U interpreted my question in the way that I meant. I wanted to promote sharing personel experinces about being vulnerable cause I believe that everybody has a unique and differenr story that I can make an inference.

        Regarding ur comment, I agree that people supress their fears of being and accepting vulnerable and become more miserable..
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        Sep 12 2013: Thank you, Fritzie, very valuable. I've seen this vulnerability question before, and I realized the reason it confuses me is because it seems to me you're vulnerable in life no matter what you do. If you admit your weaknesses, you're vulnerable to someone not giving you the help you hope they might give you, or even exploiting you. But, if you talk about your strengths, you're vulnerable to being criticized for "bragging," or even to being attacked by envious people. If you walk a middle line, some might say you're too bland. But you're right, I suppose the most common way people mean vulnerable is to admit your weaknesses. Or to allow yourself to feel emotions for someone, like love, knowing they might disappoint you.
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      Sep 11 2013: Hey Greg,

      I asked this question to know about different people's experiences of being fragile, vulnerable . For example, when I got divorced, I suddenly and shockingly learnt how badly my heart has broken, how vulnerable I am. First I didnt want to accept this reality for it hurts a lot but the more ı tried to ignore this truth, the more I was in pain, trouble. I felt relieved when I faced and internalized this fact, I accepted that I am vulnerable, if I love, believe, trust to somebody or something, I can experience joy, happiness and excitement but if everything doesnt go well, ıt may hurt, my heart may be broken again... This is the conclusion that I deduced from my experience of facing with my vulnerability.. Hope I made myself clear with this... Well how about u?

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