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Is the United States Bill of Rights out of date?

I will use the first and second amendments as examples.

The second amendment guarantees the right to bear arms. When the bill of rights was created, weaponry was obviously not as advanced as it is now (muskets were the predominant weapon in the American revolutionary war). Did the founding fathers intend the second amendment to protect rocket launchers and assault rifles?

The first amendment guarantees the right to free speech. This has been cited to protect (for example) huge donations and TV advertisements for elections. The politicians become dependent on these advertisements and donations to win. They must appease the companies that fund their campaign, not the people. This process of corruption is protected by the first amendment; the companies say “We’re allowed to support who we want to win, right? What are advertisements but speech supporting someone?” The first amendment indirectly leads to politicians being controlled by the corporations who fund their campaigns. The founding fathers did not know this would be the case when they wrote the bill of rights.

Is the United States Bill of Rights out of date? Should it be changed? If so, how will a divided government unite enough to be able to do this?


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  • Sep 7 2013: No! It is not out of date.
    It is just out of practice by those WHO ARE THE CONSTITUTION, the actual people of the Republic.
    If you don't have a right to bear arms, then get ready for Sharia law to come to America,
    where you won't have a right to even bare arms.
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      Sep 8 2013: I don't believe Sharia law is ever going to come to America. It's ridiculous claims such as this that add a tinge of lunacy to otherwise legitimate fears.

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