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If we address the stress that Kelly speaks of we can move towards my idea of a "Healthy Mind = Healthy Body" theory of living.

Millions of Americans are obese--not just carrying a few extra pounds, but obese to morbidly obese. Having lived this myself for 15 years of my life I feel that I can speak to this point, that being, our obesity is not simply about calories in vs calories out and nor is is just about the pounds. The weight we carry is more than just fat. If we start with the stress that Kelly speaks of--which many also struggle with as the cause of their weight gain--we can begin to live a happier, healthier, longer and more sustainable life.

Our "more convenient way of living" society indirectly discourages actually dealing with our lives and we (over time) carry the weight of this with us over the years. By taking a similar approach to Kelly's, in regards to "friending" stress, we could start to shed the weight and the unhealthy habits that lead to our impulse eating that contributes to our weight gain.


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  • Sep 23 2013: I agree with Kelly that we should stop demonizing stress. I truly believe stress is being more and more over-hyped these days.
    However, in my opinion this is easier said than done. How can we, as simple human beings expect ourselves to be (emotionally) strong enough to resist each and every stressful factor in our lives, whether internal or external?

    Correct me if I'm wrong but Isn't this somehow like giving people tips to resist the temptation of adultery and expect everyone to ignore sexual temptations during their whole existence? Or write a handbook for drug addicts and expect them to stay away from drugs. And so on... We could turn this world into a true paradise...wouldn't we?

    I really appreciate her good intentions and I actually find the idea pretty interesting but I do not believe we can program ourselves to "be and stay positive", no matter how. After all, we are no machines. We are just made of flesh and blood.

    Thank you all for your comments and your thoughts. Very interesting subject!

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