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If we address the stress that Kelly speaks of we can move towards my idea of a "Healthy Mind = Healthy Body" theory of living.

Millions of Americans are obese--not just carrying a few extra pounds, but obese to morbidly obese. Having lived this myself for 15 years of my life I feel that I can speak to this point, that being, our obesity is not simply about calories in vs calories out and nor is is just about the pounds. The weight we carry is more than just fat. If we start with the stress that Kelly speaks of--which many also struggle with as the cause of their weight gain--we can begin to live a happier, healthier, longer and more sustainable life.

Our "more convenient way of living" society indirectly discourages actually dealing with our lives and we (over time) carry the weight of this with us over the years. By taking a similar approach to Kelly's, in regards to "friending" stress, we could start to shed the weight and the unhealthy habits that lead to our impulse eating that contributes to our weight gain.


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  • Sep 8 2013: I Agree that we need to stop overeating, but we also need to not have as much chaos in our lives. I believe that this is one reason for the stress we experience, and I think we need to have a plan ahead type of schedule where we do that--plan ahead for the probable chaosity in our lives. That way, if we have a backup plan like this, we hopefully won't be so stressed out. We always need to think of this backup plan like if you were going to a birthday party, and there was a fire, which broke out in the restaurant at some point. What would you do? You would, of course, plan for the birthday party, but when the fire started, you would have a premapped version of the restaurant, so you'd know where all the exits for emergencies were. As the fire started and, but hopefully not, came into the room you were partying in, you could use the map of that room to get everyone out safely. We also need to be calm in the face of really stressful situations. Maybe I'm just talking nonsense here, but I believe panic attacks are not the way to go. What do you think of all this?
    • Sep 9 2013: Constantly planning for disaster can also cause stress. If every time we enter a building we begin looking for emergency exits that makes it very difficult to relax.
      I understood the message in Kelly's talk differently - when a stressful situation occurs, use your body's natural reaction to help you deal with it.
      And what Andrea seems to be telling me is that next time I panic I should take a deep breath and think instead of reaching for chocolate.
      • Sep 12 2013: I agree that we should think of what to do instead of reaching for food to quell the stressors in our lives. This is not healthy!
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      Sep 10 2013: Hi Ashleigh and Kara,

      Great points from you both! I like the dialogue that's started here because we see how Kelly's one talk is perceived differently!

      You bring up a good point about being proactive and I agree. As a self labelled OCP (obessive compulsive personality) I naturally lean that way--I enjoy planning ahead! But we can't plan for everything in life or in some cases planning takes away from living in the present moment. Here's my example. One of my first "aha moments" was when my Mom's cancer took a turn for the worst. I was visibly distraught. Someone I worked with and had a good working relationship with at the time tried to comfort me. In so many words, he said that I should start planning for my Mom's funeral. I'm not saying he wasn't accurate of that being in the near future. But how was planning for my Mom's funeral going to better my situation? If anything I'd probably have regretted not making the most of the time I had left with my Mom physically present in my life. Living life in the present is part of my "Healthy Mind = Healthy Body" theory. It aids in our reaction of turning to food for comfort and allows us to really understand and feel what is going on with/in our body.

      I couldn't tell you not to turn to chocolate--as a living breathing female I've still turned to chocolate on some days. More often than not, those are days I haven't been listening to the needs of my body and instead get stuck in the negative cycle in my head--negative self talk is so detrimental for me! But you are on track in the idea I'm trying to convey. What might you do instead of turning to chocolate for comfort? We are all different so the answer is right in accordance to the individual. Part of getting to that answer is dealing with and facing whatever has been in our "closet" this whole time. When I was working on myself I was having memories of things I'd barely remembered. My weight was more than LBS.

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