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If we address the stress that Kelly speaks of we can move towards my idea of a "Healthy Mind = Healthy Body" theory of living.

Millions of Americans are obese--not just carrying a few extra pounds, but obese to morbidly obese. Having lived this myself for 15 years of my life I feel that I can speak to this point, that being, our obesity is not simply about calories in vs calories out and nor is is just about the pounds. The weight we carry is more than just fat. If we start with the stress that Kelly speaks of--which many also struggle with as the cause of their weight gain--we can begin to live a happier, healthier, longer and more sustainable life.

Our "more convenient way of living" society indirectly discourages actually dealing with our lives and we (over time) carry the weight of this with us over the years. By taking a similar approach to Kelly's, in regards to "friending" stress, we could start to shed the weight and the unhealthy habits that lead to our impulse eating that contributes to our weight gain.


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    lea cox

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    Sep 9 2013: A study was done in the last century in the 60" I believe of an entire town named Rose in PA. People were healthier, no heart attack or other diseases even thought their diet included fat and so on.
    The results gave the reason being a closely knit community helping one another in every difficulty from loosing a job, to death in the family. The lesson here is that collective oriented cultures do well, The western culture of individualism is not conducive to resilience but dependency and victimization of ourselves and others.Our bodies were created to heal themselves but what promotes the healing is the love we show to one another...strangers or friends and family.
    To change the world we need to change how we see the world.
    Abundance rather than scarcity, thriving rather then survival and empowered rather than victimized.

    Live, Love and laugh a lot
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      Sep 10 2013: Hi Lea,
      This is a good point that you bring up. This does factor into a healthy lifestyle and in my point/idea of "Healthy Mind = Healthy Body" through your point of "...being a closely knit community helping one another in every difficulty from loosing a job, to death in the family." This type of community/environment nourishes our human need to grieve, celebrate, etc. that is becoming less common in our society today. This is ironic in my opinion. I'm not blaming technology but the (in my mind) evolution of technology would be to bring us closer together but in reality it's done just the opposite. If we embrace our technological advances to 'naturally' expand globalization then I feel that this is helpful. But learning how to integrate the two ways of living is where, I think our Western world (as you call it) is stuck. I think it's great that I can talk to my cousins in Italy via Skype, but I couldn't provide for them the comfort and love that they needed when they lost my cousin (their sister/daughter) to cancer before her 40th birthday. There is where the community that you mention comes into play. It's important; if we can't deal then we don't heal.
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        Sep 10 2013: Hello Andrea, interesting you mentioned Italy, the town in PA was full of Italians and they were a closely knit community partly because they shared the same culture but mostly because of the kind of culture it was. Eventually children left town to work and become afflictied like everyone else by the individualistic way of thinking.
        I have debated as you are on the tech influence and when I sit on coffee shop each is looking at their gadgets, the old way of meeting and talking only exist in some places where older people meet regularly. I have a tendency to engage people in conversations where ever I am and sometime it works.Keep trying and bring your smile. I have family in Italy also. Brothers and sisters and need to visit soon or move there.
        Regarding cancer inform your relatives to watch Doyle I believe , a Ted talk on cancer. fantastic new wave energy cure.. Check it out.

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