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If we address the stress that Kelly speaks of we can move towards my idea of a "Healthy Mind = Healthy Body" theory of living.

Millions of Americans are obese--not just carrying a few extra pounds, but obese to morbidly obese. Having lived this myself for 15 years of my life I feel that I can speak to this point, that being, our obesity is not simply about calories in vs calories out and nor is is just about the pounds. The weight we carry is more than just fat. If we start with the stress that Kelly speaks of--which many also struggle with as the cause of their weight gain--we can begin to live a happier, healthier, longer and more sustainable life.

Our "more convenient way of living" society indirectly discourages actually dealing with our lives and we (over time) carry the weight of this with us over the years. By taking a similar approach to Kelly's, in regards to "friending" stress, we could start to shed the weight and the unhealthy habits that lead to our impulse eating that contributes to our weight gain.


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    Sep 10 2013: .

    Your "Healthy Mind = Healthy Body" is working.

    But it goes too slowly
    because our brain has not created enough data to make it yet.

    Our brain has enough data created already for "stress".
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      Sep 10 2013: Slow is ok though! Slow can often lead to being more sustainable/lasting change. Shock/quick results don't necessarily result in long lasting or permanent change.

      We don't want to be a yo-yo nation, the "nirvana" goal would be (in my opinion) be sustainable change.

      With our technology driven age we seem to be so focused on quick and convenient but that's not what life is..well it could be if that's what you choose it to be.
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        Sep 11 2013: ..

        "Slow is ok"!

        “Slow” meets the pace of our instincts.
        It gives us real happiness
        (the feeling of things being a-step-better for keeping our DNA alive).

        “Quick” doesn’t meet the pace.
        It gives us invalid (harmful) happiness
        (invalid happiness wastes about 90% of our resources).
    • Sep 12 2013: Could the brain not plasticize to better handle stress? After all, adults have some plasticity in their heads?

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