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Stopping oil exploration in Ecuador's Yasuni National Park

Ecuador's most Biodiverse area is about to be exploited, how can we stop it? Oil is definitely not the economical solution to eradicate poverty or make a better country.

"Yasuni National Park is arguably the most biologically diverse spot on Earth. The park is at the center of a small zone where amphibian, bird, mammal, and vascular plant diversity all reach their maximum levels, the park breaks world records for local-scale (less than 100 km2) tree, amphibian, and bat species richness, and is one of the richest spots in the world for birds and mammals at local scales as well.

The park holds a world record 150 amphibian species for places with comparable landscapes. It also is in the top for amphibian diversity compared to other sites sampled in the western Amazon."

How can we stop this from being destroyed?


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  • Sep 8 2013: "how can he not use the country's natural resources to fee the hungry and house and cloth the poor"
    Between 2000 and 2012, Ecuador's GDP increased from $ 18.3 billion to $ 84.6 billion, during the government of Rafael Correa, the GDP increased from 51 to 84.6 billion dollars, without most of Ecuadorians could see real improvements in their lives and now he says he will redistribute money to the provinces and build roads, schools, hospitals, only with the contribution of the Yasuni, another lie of ecuadorian government. Only the most fools can believe in that promise

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