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Do you think Exams are the only way to test students/Person?

Are exams really a tool to test knowledge of a person?
Exams are said to be the means of monitoring and scaling the academic performance of students.
Students learn a subject for a whole year and write a exam for just 2-3 hours is it really enough to test the skills of a student?
Anyone who has a good memory power can pass a exam so is he considered to be a knowledgeable person in that subject?

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    Sep 6 2013: Tests have in my opinion at least always been a means to measure a person's accumulated knowledge memorized but never the actual knowledge learned.

    It's a means to garner good scores for school funding, I have A.D.D. an have been horrid on tests, yet I knew the material so much so i helped others understand the subject matter even though I would fail the tests, an they would pass, interesting there isn't it?

    This is why you can have a person with a several degrees who really doesn't know much.

    You want a real test, have the person demonstrate the subject matter at hand, instead of recite something from memory.

    Math is a good example of the in between since you are shown by memory / visuals ways to solve one type of problem, then presented with another same type problem using the same tactic to solve. It uses the memory of what was taught with the demonstration of what is learned while showing the key points that need focusing / help with.

    A Video game could be a interesting tool to use as a test, as long as it was forcing a user to demonstrate the subject matter to solve a puzzle or level to move to next one or even win the game an pass the test, try an find someone who cannot take that kinda test.

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