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Do you think Exams are the only way to test students/Person?

Are exams really a tool to test knowledge of a person?
Exams are said to be the means of monitoring and scaling the academic performance of students.
Students learn a subject for a whole year and write a exam for just 2-3 hours is it really enough to test the skills of a student?
Anyone who has a good memory power can pass a exam so is he considered to be a knowledgeable person in that subject?

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  • Sep 5 2013: Exams aren't meant to test knowledge so much as they're there to get students to study in the first place.
    No exam, no one cares. Its as simple as that.

    As a means of testing out knowledge, I agree they're awful. You can't condense down a school year or semester's wroth of knowledge into a 2-3 hour test. You can't even sample it properly.
    Again though, that's not the point.

    That's why most workplaces for example, don't test potential employes; at least, not in the educational system sense. They interview them after a selection process based on their resume, because that's how you actually try to figure out how much a person knows (among other things).
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      Sep 5 2013: But getting in the selection process of these companies is again based on how much marks we have scored right?
      • Sep 5 2013: Partially, yes. Tests may not reflect your knowledge very efficiently, but they're still a better indicator than nothing at all.
        Of course, a lot of companies care a lot more for your job history than for your test scores, and for good reason.

        I do however stress that the main reason the tests are there is to get people to study in the first place.

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