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Office Manager and Accountant, Melbury Capital Mongolia


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How do you I get a fund to attend TED conference?

So I have received this complimentary pass to attend TEDWomen this December, yet I don't have any money to travel. How do I find travel grant or scholarship to attend the conference? Any advice?

PS: Some people might thing I have attended TED conference before, but the badge was given because I got complimentary pass for TEDWomen 2013 in December.


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    Sep 12 2013: well, are you saying $1100 one-way, or $1100 round-trip? How important is this conference to you, Tsendmaa, why does it matter? If you decided you might not be able to make it, would you let TED know so they can give the seat to someone else?

    I rarely travel. I think sometimes you can get cheaper rates if you depart from a major city, is Ulaanbaatar a major city, perhaps you could travel by car to a more major city airport if it will help you get cheaper rates. Is Mongolia part of China, perhaps a flight from Beijing to San Francisco would be cheaper than one that departed Ulaanbaatar? I would think maybe you can get cheaper rates if you book far in advance, if you booked now for instance you might get cheaper rates, maybe you can book without there being a penalty if you cancel later, in case you don't go, it seems to me you can ask.

    My mom had mentioned asking Christian groups for the money, are christian groups allowed in Mongolia, she said they might give you the money because they're hoping to convert you to Christianity? Perhaps you could propose to give them a talk after you returned I mean if there are churches where you can give a talk, give them a talk about what happened at the conference, but are there churches in Mongolia?
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      Sep 13 2013: Mongolia is not part of China, so we have only one international airport, which is far away from Beijing. I have been trying to spread new ideas to the people around me for last 2 years, since I graduated from school. I organize 1-2 TEDx events every year. It is important to me to experience the global, so for my future events. Our team is actually live streaming TEDWomen here in Mongolia too, licensed name under TEDxUlaanbaatarWomen. I've heard we have churches in Mongolia, but I am Buddhist. Not sure about changing my religion for money.
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        Sep 14 2013: Thanks, Tsendmaa. Well, a librarian told me about an organization called International Women's Association of Mongolia, I believe they are in your city of Ulaanbaatar. Maybe they'd give you some money, perhaps you could agree to come afterward and give them a talk on what you learned at the conference. Also, there is something called the Global Fund for Women, located in San Francisco and New York city, perhaps they could help?

        TED conversations wrote back and said you should talk to the department of TED that gave you a ticket, possibly they could help you. I'm still waiting for an answer from the more general part of TED, as I wrote to both conversations@ted.com, and to contact@ted.com.

        I do have one friend who travels a great deal internationally, a university professor in Idaho. I'll write and see if he has any ideas for you.

        I'm curious, when you accepted the ticket, did you think know you might not have enough money to go? Or did you just go on fairth that you'd get the money? How do you have friends in California?

        So Mongolia is a separate country?

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