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How do you I get a fund to attend TED conference?

So I have received this complimentary pass to attend TEDWomen this December, yet I don't have any money to travel. How do I find travel grant or scholarship to attend the conference? Any advice?

PS: Some people might thing I have attended TED conference before, but the badge was given because I got complimentary pass for TEDWomen 2013 in December.


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    Sep 9 2013: Well, have you posed the question to TED itself, I'm sure they've encountered this question before. I don't mean posting the question on this section, the conversations section, but writing to the organization, or phoning them, in New York City. One thing, can you find out if anyone from your area is also going, perhaps they have the same problem and have found a way to solve it, perhaps if you travel together, or book lodging together, you can get reduced rates?

    Possibly someone in your community, I mean a private person, has funded scholarships at your local coleges and universities, and might be willing to contribute money to your sojourn? Or is there a women's organization that might help with the costs, perhaps if you came back and gave them a talk after it was over? Here in California my mother belongs to an organization that funds scholarships for young women, and most of the women in the organization are quite wealthy.

    If you want more time on this conversation, click "edit" and add more time. If you want to contact TED, I believe the email address is contact@ted.com.
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        Sep 11 2013: Hi, T. Well, I wrote to TED and described your situation and asked if they have any ideas for you, when I hear back I'll let you know what they say. But you can still write them.

        Have you considered staying in a youth hostel, I hear these are really cheap although I don't know why they are cheap.

        What if you sat down and looked at your current budget and looked for ways to save money? For example, if you currently eat out at restaurants you could stop doing that for a while to save money.

        Can you tell us exactly how far you would have to travel to this conference, and how long you would stay there, perhaps if we had a more specific picture we could give better suggestions.
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          Sep 12 2013: Hi Greg,

          You are so nice. God bless you. I have few friends in California, so I am not going to spend a money on hotel and living expenses. I am traveling from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to San Francisco, USA, and it usually costs $1100 at cheapest rate. I don't get paid much so I just spend my money on rent, utilities etc. I am thinking to teach kids part time so that I can make some extra cash.

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