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Office Manager and Accountant, Melbury Capital Mongolia


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How do you I get a fund to attend TED conference?

So I have received this complimentary pass to attend TEDWomen this December, yet I don't have any money to travel. How do I find travel grant or scholarship to attend the conference? Any advice?

PS: Some people might thing I have attended TED conference before, but the badge was given because I got complimentary pass for TEDWomen 2013 in December.


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    Sep 12 2013: Hi Greg,

    You are so nice. God bless you. I have few friends in California, so I am not going to spend a money on hotel and living expenses. I am traveling from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to San Francisco, USA, and it usually costs $1100 at cheapest rate. I don't get paid much so I just spend my money on rent, utilities etc. I am thinking to teach kids part time so that I can make some extra cash.

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