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Does the "Think Realistic, Think Practical" attitude restrict innovation?

All of us (or most of us) have come across this "attitude" at some point of time in our lives. While i understand it is crucial to be practical in business as in life, i also wonder at all times if this "Be Practical, Be Realistic" approach as i like to call it, acts as a hindrance to innovation. Would love to hear some thoughts on this!


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    Sep 9 2013: It is absolutely and unnecessarily limiting. There's a lot more to reality than pragmatism. Even look at some of the most "practical" inventions: many came to us through PLAY. Not work. This of course, however, depends on the definition of realistic. My definition is "reality says, 'this is happening,' and I say, 'ok.'" A lot of situations reality says is happening require a great deal of abstract reasoning, at least that's been the case in my life.
    After all, we are not simply here to survive. The pre-frontal cortices we all know and love evolved for more than just survival. Moreoever, the prefrontal cortex can be used for basically one of two things: Creating solution or creating/maintaining problems. Hate to say it, but the practical only mentality creates more problems than solutions. A lot of solutions come from dipping into the abstract. There needs to be a balance between function and essence, being and doing. One last dagger, but being preceeds doing - otherwise, you're working for the sake of working, producing for no other reason than to produce. Which is exactly what cancer does.

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