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The Addiction of Instant Communication..The Greeting Card Theroy

Do you feel that we are becoming addicted to instant communication? From texting to emails, and now even on-line games like candy crush. People are having an issue putting down their phones. I refer to this as the “greeting card theory”. Remember when you were kids and the excitement you felt when you received a card in the mail. We now get that same feeling everyday all day. In your next outing with a friend, watch how many times they check their phone while engaging in a conversation with will be amazed, or depressed that you can't provide enough stimulating conversation for them to stay focused..comments please

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    Sep 8 2013: I love my phone, it is so big and clunky it makes me feel self conscious so, I don't take it out unless certain preset sounds alert me to important communicae.


    Actually, has anyone noticed that a lot of drivers on the highways and motorways are becoming very distracted? Everyday i watch "weavers" almost weave out of their lanes. it's amazing, there's at least 4 day both morning and afternoon.
    • Sep 9 2013: Ken. You should create an app that lets the driver know when they are weaving into traffic. so they can keep checking their phones while they are driving..
  • Sep 6 2013: i found that most people i know who prefer texting more than face to face interaction usually prefer texting because it is less intimate and they are more comfortable to say things they would not say in a face to face interaction .
  • Sep 6 2013: Yes and unfortunately it is getting worse. The need to stay connected and know what is happening immediately. How many have to check their e-mails, text and have their phones on during vacation. I have seen too many people checking their phones, e-mail, chats, etc during meetings ignoring what is being discussed.
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    Sep 6 2013: Maybe it is just the restless hope to finally receive something substantial in all the trivial.

    And as my hope is gone, I choose not to have a cell-phone at all ... :o)
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    Sep 5 2013: Manners lag technology. Folks will wake-up, soon I hope, and realize it is simply rude to divert one's attention from a live, face-to-face conversation to an electronic device.