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What is humility?

Human virtues are vital for humanity to exist. There are many important virtues such as compassion, love, forgiveness, etc. The first is said to be humility. What is the role of humility in our education, scientific development s and our own personality?

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    Sep 6 2013: .

    Humility is a part of SYMBIOSIS.
    It means I need help from symbiotic members.

    Symbiosis makes humans survive.
    • Sep 6 2013: Very nice Ying. You have put it precisely - it is a need.

      In fact, you will be happy to note that we have just launched an essay competition for all the students on "Humility in Science and Spirituality" to catalyze some of these thoughts in young minds. We would be happy if students from around the world think and write their essays on it. Poster and details at - http://www.aissq.org/essay.html

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