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An rigorous case can be made for the proposition that modern humans cannot be native to this planet.

Hominid eye sockets and nasal areas were much larger than those of modern humans. The huge eyes of hominids and dinosaurs and even a few leftover creatures like lemurs and tarsiers, were adaptations to a very dark sort of a world. In the case of dinosaurs, the large eyes pertained in carnivores and herbivores alike

Humans by way of contrast have the smallest relative eye size of advanced creatures.

If you want to believe that humans evolved from hominids on this planet, you need to believe that some hominid/human-wannabee:

Lost his fur coat while ice ages were going on.
Lost 99% of his sense of smell while trying to make it as a land prey animal
Lost almost all of his night vision at a time when night was the only time of day to be had.

You say that doesn't sound like a formula for success?

If, on the other hand, you prefer to believe that God created modern man fully formed on this world, then there is a question as to whether God would create a creature on a world for which the creature was spectacularly ill-adapted. There's nothing in the Bible about God being stupid....

There actually is a reasonable thesis to be had for human origins, but it does not involve this planet.


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  • Sep 11 2013: So.
    Most likely that is true. We destroy wherever we go, or wherever we are.
    Ecologies, life species, each other.
    I guess we are still trying to find our way and continue ignoring the way we do things.

    We don't have civilization on earth, though some or even many continue to refer to our
    existence on this planet as "civilization" when it is anything but civilized.

    We don't fit, mesh or exist here in union with nature, whether that nature is this planet
    and all its life-forms or nature, meaning the universe.
    We are not from here and wherever we may come from it was probably running away from
    the dying we had produced.

    Rather than "all ecologically-minded people should exterminate us," as Bryan Below wrote, we should kill ourselves.
    But hey, that is what we are doing. Case closed, problem solved............eventually.

    A catastrophic event that is.

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