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Video Games can let you do Anything...including learn, get in shape and connect with the world in ways noone before us could have ever...

Utilizing video games and nourishing their development into evermore complex digital entities is what will further aid the evolution of mankind.

Make no will happen, and children will not become more obese because future video games will not require a controller. Physical school structures are not necessary for true learning and money saved on cost of physical materials could easily cover extracurricular centers (for face to face social learning) and better funding of future scholarly endeavors. Video games could also easily teach children and teachers alike that youth does not preclude one from being able to become a subject matter expert (how many kids can play on computers in ways that adults could only hope to emulate--and with a great deal more effort?

Learning needs to become more dynamic and utilize the special skills of each unique individual in a collaborative fashion...and video games (especially online ones) are the best means for doing so.

Video games are also capable of not only setting both long term goals and providing the framework to achieve these goals through the use of short-term goals (most often in the form of "achievements") but could also EASILY track children's progress in a classroom--flagging both exceptional and problem students so teachers can be more intimately aware of their students' proficiencies. Furthermore, students who are gifted in certain subject material could be identified as potential collaborators with children of potentially lower aptitude in any particular area of concern.
Video games could serve as a platform for not only teaching but assignments and homework which could be accessed from anywhere and could never be lost. This would also free up time for teachers who would have their "paper grading" time substantially lowered as the computer would complete that task as well. With more free time a teacher can focus on individual children.

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    Apr 13 2011: If everything we don in today life can be made to be done and learned with a game, life would a lot more fun. I hope this is where mankind is going. Because if kids can learn with games, maybe we can even do our jobs with games.
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    Apr 13 2011: Games can be a great way to improve many aspects our our global eduction, specially because kids simply love spending hours playing them, but it won't be a definite solution for oureducational problems, we go to school not only too learn but also to learn how to socialize.
    Game are here to teach us a great deal if we do not try to exclude all the other resources.