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Is a purely logical debate possible?

Is it possible to have a debate with absolutely no emotion and using only logic? I cant imagine it being possible because even if you craft a perfectly logical argument and remove your own emotion your listeners will still receive and analyze it in light of their own emotions. As a subquestion what emotions do you think predominate debate? I would say anger and fear. Would it be possible to change that? I'm thinking of this especially in light of persuasive debate, when you want someone to do something for you.


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  • Sep 20 2013: It is supposed that it's not possible because we are not computers. This is the reason why I'm writing now. I love enjoing debates about topics i am interested in. Therefore, I try to persuade people who could read what I write that my opinion is worth to be taken in consideration. Somebody could reply it shoul be enough to talk about what your feelings, thoughts and emotions are not dealt with. Actually, it's irrespective of the contest you are referring to. Let me give you an example : in the eighteenth century some historians began to think events and facts could be analized objectively. However, after many efforts to support this theory, they ended up with a conclunsion "Objective History doesn't exist". It is impossible for our mind looking at something and make only logical judgements unless we are speaking about a logical matter

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