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Should we bomb Syria?

Without any precursor lets see what the Ted community has to say.


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    Sep 8 2013: Who is "we"?

    No doubt Assad deserves a response to the gassing of his people, as even the EU agrees. But US citizens have had enough of involvements in Arab wars, and Congress will rightly deny Obama the power to attack Syria.

    It is said, and correctly, that a rocket/bomb raid won't help to solve the problems of Syria. But it's interesting that Obama - who has been exceptionally clumsy in explaining his rationale - agrees with that, and does not offer the raid as a solution. Rather, he sees it as a punitive measure against Assad to show the world's condemnation of the use of chemical/biological warfare agents. He fears that if such an event goes unpunished, other repressive regimes will lose any inhibitions against using gas. Unfortunately, an attack by the US, which the rest of the world refuses to support, will hardly show the world's condemnation.

    The US role ought to be to get the international community to make a sharp reaction against Assad's use of poison gas, but a solo US strike should be off the table.
    • Sep 9 2013: As I recall Obama's statements regarding "credibility", there was an implication to his words that both the United States AND the entire UN were in danger of losing credibility UNLESS some intervention was made into Syria.

      And so.... I see the measures currently being debated (whether the U.S. should strike military and government targets in Syria) as a sort of concession. In the absence of UN approval or involvement, that is. I think President Obama believes the United Nations should be the body to take action on this issue, and he is only assuming responsibility for it because the UN has failed to do so.

      But he knows all too well the consequences military action like this can have within the U.S.. Therefore, he seeks approval -- from Congress and from the American people, both. This is tough stuff.

      ...Am I alone in this take-away?

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