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Should we bomb Syria?

Without any precursor lets see what the Ted community has to say.


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  • Sep 8 2013: Is it Syria's or Russia's or China's or everybody's moral right, nay moral obligation to bomb Israel & the U.S. for using chemical weapons in Gaza and Fallujah?
    • Sep 8 2013: Actually, I was in the Israeli military around the time of the last two major bombing campaigns in Gaza. In one of the units that did a great deal of the bombing in fact. No chemical weapons in sight--unless you count tear gas I guess.

      I also rather doubt the US would use them in Fallujah. Chemical weapons are simply too unreliable--very dependent on the weather, and its easy for the wind to change and target something you didn't mean to. Honestly, there's a reason most modern militarizes don't use the stuff beyond morality or international law. High explosives and the occasional incendiary get the same job done in a more reliable manner.

      You'd honestly have to be pretty stupid to prefer chemical weapons over the conventional stuff--Assad only did it because he was trying to counterbalance Israel's unofficial nuclear deterrent. And it failed rather miserably at that; nukes make chemical weapons look like paint fumes.

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