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Should we bomb Syria?

Without any precursor lets see what the Ted community has to say.


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    Sep 5 2013: Why should Syria be bombed?
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      Sep 5 2013: That what some people are thinking about doing because of Syria's reported use of chemical wars in their civil war.
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        Sep 5 2013: Hmmm...I just don't understand the part where bombing Syria would stop the killings.
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          Sep 5 2013: I think, in the end many more people will die if we bomb.
        • Sep 9 2013: I think the assumed calculation at work here is such that....
          1- Hundreds of thousands of Syrian civilians have already been killed by the Assad regime, and
          2- Hundreds of thousands (if not millions) MORE Syrian civilians are in danger of being killed by the Assad regime
          3- The use of chemical warfare has both immediate (suffering and death) and long-term (environmental contamination, negative influence on quality of life, negative influence on local economies) impacts that the world community would likely wish to avoid.


          1- An estimated 10 - 100 Syrian civilians likely to be injured or killed by targeted bombings
          2- An unknown estimate of Syrian military and government personnel likely to be injured or killed by targeted bombings.
          3- "Fallout" from the proposed bombings will be relatively contained (will not spread contamination by wind, water, soil, or contagion), and local recovery may be possible within a relatively short time.

          Faced with those numbers, the argument "for" seems convincing. I find Nadav's comments on the subject enlightening (especially since he is writing from an international perspective, rather than from an American perspective, and also because he may himself be endangered by the threat of war in the area). But I can't deny having my share of reservations.
          I don't know whether I can support the idea of targeted strikes to Syria, because I continue to be concerned that after such intervention, our leaders may commit resources to "following through" in some way. I sense that the American people, my fellow citizens and myself included, wish to avoid repeating any mistakes of earlier Middle Eastern conflicts in which the United States has intervened... In wartime, there are no guarantees.
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        Sep 5 2013: Well then don't do it because as you said, many more will die.
    • Sep 5 2013: Muhammed, You are Right, and Obama and his Forces are Wrong.
      God is needed today to stop him.
      I pray he will.

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