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What are the limits of sovereignty? Are we clear on international norms?

Present debate on what to do about Syrias use of chemical weapons on rebels/government opponents takes us back to the broader issue of the limits of sovereignty. It seems apparent that we don't have shared global values on a country's interior use of chemical weapons or what to do about it even though this ostensibly has been a matter of global consensus since the end of World War II. .What action is justified and is it ok for anyone nation to act alone without a global consensus on the basis of "protecting its national interests"?

(I will add links to several TED convesrations we have had in the past on global values and global governance)


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  • Sep 12 2013: President Obama has choices to make.
    And but 3+ years to make them.

    His choices are simple.
    He can become OBAMA "never ending memory of children".
    He can become OBAMA "never ending hope of those enslaved".
    -- or --
    He can go the way of his white predecessors.

    And, slowly fade until some country somewhere
    sends his Statue back, with a note "no thank you".

    It is nice to have choices.
    Pray OBAMA makes the right call.
    The World needs a HERO.
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      Sep 12 2013: The world does indeed need heroes and each one of us is that hero the world needs

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