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What are the limits of sovereignty? Are we clear on international norms?

Present debate on what to do about Syrias use of chemical weapons on rebels/government opponents takes us back to the broader issue of the limits of sovereignty. It seems apparent that we don't have shared global values on a country's interior use of chemical weapons or what to do about it even though this ostensibly has been a matter of global consensus since the end of World War II. .What action is justified and is it ok for anyone nation to act alone without a global consensus on the basis of "protecting its national interests"?

(I will add links to several TED convesrations we have had in the past on global values and global governance)


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  • Sep 9 2013: The only limit on national sovereignty is the power of other sovereigns or entities with quasi-sovereign power (international corporations). Any other claim is nothing but a naive fantasy.
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      Sep 9 2013: that is "what is" no question there.
    • Sep 12 2013: Bryan,
      Corporations and Limited Liability, Lobbies,
      The Corporate structure. Congress on steroids.
      Good ole' boy club-mates. aka: Regulators.
      Power. A strange word. Think about it. Really.

      Individual Sovereignty is passed by your vote to
      some snake oil salesman, a guy on a soap-box.
      Well entrenched Politicians carve up the nation.
      Bureau of Land Management and Banking Cartels
      take charge. Individual Sovereignty is stolen.
      Your vote, now a sham, Propaganda from a
      Controlled media rules this nation's selections.
      Polls are the dot for the "I".
      ...The cross for the "T"?
      DNI, CIA, NSA, DHS, FBI,
      Enforcement not Privacy...

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