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If you could monologue to anyone, whether it be an individual or a group, who would it be and what would you say.

We've all had those times where we've thought of something really good to say about a particular topic or some message we wish we could share with a specific person or group.

Imagine yourself up on a soapbox, what would your speech be and who would it be directed toward. If you can fit everything you would want to say into the space provided go for it :)

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    Sep 4 2013: I have not personally had the inclination ever to deliver a monologue, but here is a well loved one, Randy Pausch's Last Lecture.
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    Sep 29 2013: .

    Be happy validly!
    Make sure it is for keeping ours DNA alive!
  • Sep 29 2013: Entertain everything. Believe nothing. Know yourself above all else.
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    Sep 6 2013: Ok so I was driving down the highway and I see the car to my left is starting to creep into my lane. There is a car to my right that has been swerving a little and then correcting, swerving a little and correcting. It's the middle of the day and these people are not drunk they are texting. Somehow the conversation they are having with someone is more important that making sure that the thousand lbs of motor and metal doesn't kill, dismember, or maim the people around them. I get to thinking, with my 2 small children in the backseat, what I would say if given just a moment face to face with these individuals who are literally inches away from causing potentially serious damage to my family.

    "There are people in these contraptions. People like mothers, fathers, children, you know those other individuals who inhabit the earth, sometimes you see them at the grocery store or work. The responsibility of driving means that you will be conciously aware of the conditions of the road and courteous to the other people on the road. If you lack the self discipline to put a phone down for the duration of your time behind the wheel maybe you need to seek help for your addiction. That's what it has to be right? An addiction? Why else would you be completely unable to put the lives of other people ahead of your desire to let tell someone something that is to put it simply is not worth my children's lives. Telling your buddy "c u in a min" is not worth a mother ending up in the hospital with internal bleeding while her 2 small children wonder why mommy isn't there to give them a kiss goodnight."

    I was just curious if anybody else had those frustrating moments or moments of clarity where they wish they could just share it with anybody or a particular somebody. Anyone???
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    Sep 5 2013: Do it with your true heart and soul.
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    Sep 4 2013: think for yourself. turn to the person next you and hug them. rant over.