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What makes TED truly international?

As above.


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  • Sep 9 2013: Good question ! From a personal point of you TED helped me to get more knowledge about different things and changed my view of life . TED really helps people in the sense that they can regonize themselves on different conferences given by people who had tragidies but they never gave up , who wanted to make a change and have an impact on the society , who wanted to transmit a message of hope and love and so on.That's why TED stretched over the planet.Moreover, over my visions of different conferences of TED.I'm not the same person , I'm more optimistic and more energitic and all what i think is to never give up in this life and always try to be more and more creative and helpful towards the society.I think this is the goal of TED (Having a positive impact on the world) .Yet , that's why it is international .

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