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What makes TED truly international?

As above.


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    Sep 5 2013: As you have 30+ TED creds, meaning you are not new to the site, would you share your view candidly of whether TED members are sufficiently open to each others' ideas?

    I think it is clear that you are interested in other people's views on this. But those who have replied to you are surely just as interested in your sharing your views now that they have shared theirs!

    This is what makes TED potentially an exchange of ideas both ways- the willingness to share your ideas and points of view, particularly on subjects you bring up.
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      Sep 5 2013: Personally, I feel TED is not the best place to share new ideas that are related to sensitive issues.It is a good platform to do so yet the community might not be ready to face alien ideas.Partly because we are different and comfortable in our own way.But it's okay to be different just don't be hostile about it.

      I believe that if we are more open to new ideas that are related to sensitive issues, we might develop a more international mindset where nothing is alien after all.
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        Sep 5 2013: Thank you for sharing your perspective on this. I agree with you that, while many communities aspire to an open discussion of ideas without hostile styles of engagement, those who have spent little time in settings with those norms tend to bring to new settings the styles with which they are more accustomed.

        Maintaining vigorous and civil discourse is best accomplished, I think, if members committed to a community consistently model such fruitful behaviors, regardless of the subject at hand. I know some people prefer the strategy of meeting fire with fire, but in my experience that often fails.

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