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What makes TED truly international?

As above.


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    Sep 4 2013: Speakers, listeners, and discussants from across the globe investigating matters of universal, including international, importance or interest.
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      Sep 4 2013: But are we, the TED members truly international in spirit? Do we accept other ideas that might be alien to us and perhaps try to decipher it first before opposing them?
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        Sep 4 2013: Muhammad,
        Some of us do accept ideas that may be new to us, and some do not. It seems like TED is a pretty good cross section of our global community.

        Personally, I perceive us as all interconnected.....more the same than different. I am also aware that this idea is not shared by everyone.........yet........I have a dream:>)
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          Sep 4 2013: It is good to know that some of us are accepting of different ideas.However, it is the other half I'm afraid of.Personally, I feel that for a person hailing from a different culture and has different ideas, TED might not be a suitable place to fully express certain ideas.Perhaps TED is too Westernised? What do you think?
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        Sep 4 2013: "TED is too Westernized?"

        I did not think of that before Muhammad, and it is good that you bring it up. English is the primary language used here, and TED is based in the US. Those factors may make it seem more westernized.... do you think so?

        What in particular are you afraid of Muhammad? Are there certain ideas you feel you cannot discuss on TED?

        Personally, I am interested in ideas shared by those from different cultures.
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          Sep 4 2013: Perhaps so but I think it goes beyond geographical and linguistic barriers.It's how some of the TED members react towards certain ideas that might shun a few others with different ideas to express themselves fully.

          Take for example, religion( I hate to bring this up), some of us might not feel comfortable when topics related to religion would be discussed.

          Are we truly open toward ideas that comes from the unlimited possibilities of the human brain? or are we just happy being comfortable with the way we are?
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        Sep 4 2013: People who speak, listen, and discuss on TED are varied in their specific interests. Some are interested in scientific topics and some not. Some are interested in religion and some not. Few have the time or information at hand to give careful consideration to every idea others in the community may express.

        People here, I believe, tend not simply to accept ideas but rather to consider ideas in the areas that interest them, attempting to evaluate new ideas on the basis of argument and evidence. Some people will follow links to educate themselves more in an area, and others do not have the time or inclination to do that. As it is a voluntary community, none of us can assign reading to others!

        In any discussion site there will be some people interested mainly in selling their particular ideas and not in considering new ideas. I don't think such people stay with TED Conversations very long, because the community does not, I think, offer fruitful ground for making such one-sided sales. The terms of use for the site limit this to some degree in that self-promotion and selling of merchandise or proselytizing about specific religions, for example, are outside the terms of use.

        I think most people who are not comfortable discussing religion will stay out of conversations about religion and that the community needs to respect that choice.
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          Sep 5 2013: "People who speak, listen, and discuss on TED are varied in their specific interests. Some are interested in scientific topics and some not. Some are interested in religion and some not. Few have the time or information at hand to give careful consideration to every idea others in the community may express. "

          It's very true for me. For example , I don't like big topics and topics on religions. Neither do I have time to read all the comments.
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        Sep 4 2013: I cannot speak for anyone else Muhammad....only for myself. I like exploring all topics and am open to all topics until/unless people try to convince me that they are "right", and this seems to happen quite a lot with religious and philosophical beliefs.

        It appears that some folks are truly open to explore various topics, and some folks are comfortable with the way they are and want to convince everyone that the way THEY ARE is the one and only belief and what EVERYONE SHOULD embrace.

        When someone tries to impose their own beliefs onto others, it is no longer "sharing" of ideas and generally may not feel comfortable to those who wish to have their own thoughts, feelings, ideas, beliefs and opinions.

        When religion (or any other topic) is clearly the topic of discussion as presented, we all have the choice to participate in the discussion or not. There are times, however, when the discussion thread is taken over by those who want to argue for their particular religion or philosophical belief. The TED moderators are usually pretty good about stopping that kind of discussion.

        Although you wrote "I hate to bring this up", you did indeed bring it up my friend, and I respond to your comment:>)
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          Sep 4 2013: You are right.Sensitive issues are always barred from discussion due to extremists of any form thinking that they're always right.But imagine if there are no extremists.Would we gain a more international outlook? If so, should we be satisfied being like this? ;)
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        Sep 4 2013: I believe we can discuss sensitive issues Muhammad. I believe we can discuss anything. HOW we do it is the important piece.....yes? Perhaps it is the extreme and intolerant reactions and dialogue which can be barred, and it seems like what the TED moderators are doing.

        I think/feel, it would be helpful to all of us to recognize our interconnectedness, AND recognize and accept our differences. We ARE from different cultures.....we HAVE different beliefs, and it is good when we can share our similarities AND differences in a safe environment.

        Yes Muhammad....imagine.............everything starts with a dream:>)
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        Sep 4 2013: Thank you Muhammad. Your participation is refreshing and appreciated as well:>)
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        Sep 9 2013: I think we do seek and define alien ideas Muhammad. The crux of that pursuit is that we don't always agree on those ideas or perhaps we don't accept them -make them part of our cultural environment.

        Religion is the biggest cultural barrier to most people. Science is pretty straight forward so we can accept most ideas relating to natural occurrences. However, how we came to be on this planet and what is our destiny in life is the major disagreement we flounder about. How much comfort does an individual need and how should the resources that provide that level of comfort be equally divided among individuals cause us a lot of problems.

        There is no one culture on this planet that has the absolute answer to the questions that plague our minds about our existence.

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