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What is the Meaning of Life? Give it your best shot.

We've all stared at the stars and wondered this question. In terms of finding an answer, I'm no closer than anyone else, but maybe collectively we can work something out. Douglas Adams fans, limit yourself to one post about 42. :)


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    Sep 4 2013: Survival - all other answers come after surviving - hierarchy of needs justifies my position.

    Try wanting to find meaning while you are starving to death. Try to be loving when it's you or your neighbor that can only survive. Try to be compassionate with someone threatening your children (your lineage). Try to be apathetic towards finding the meaning of life, when you are near-death and feeling as though you did not make more meaning.

    There are many answers, but I think 'survival' is universal enough - beyond human understandings of chemistry, [meta]physics, biology - to suggest it is an element where meaning of 'essence' and 'purpose' can be found for anything.

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